A void in my heart.
Deep, vast. I can barely breathe.
Freeze. I cannot move.
Tears falling down my cheeks.
I hurt him, so he closed down.
Will he ever open up again?
I feel scared. I feel scared.


You're gone anew.
Tell me. Where are you going, when you leave?
Are you coming back? 
I never know.
I never know.
Oh! You are back!
You are, right?
Say, you aren't leaving again, are you?
You are here, you say.
But for how long?
In a blink of an eye, you left again.
Are you coming back? 
I never know.
I never know.
As I await your return.

The right to exist

Did I do something wrong?
Did I… do something wrong? Did I?
… I did… right?

They left me. People… they… left me.
No. I‘m withdrawing before it can even start.
But why? Why am I doing that? Am I afraid?
Afraid of what? Afraid of being lynched?
Afraid of being driven away?
Afraid of losing myself? Afraid to… die?
Am I afraid? Yes… Yes, I am. I am scared. more “The right to exist”

2nd Audio Message

I talk about my pain and the value of vulnerability


What is this place?
It's dark. Dark.
Hey! Do you know where I am?
No answer to hear...
Silence. Utter, empty silence.
Breathe. I have to breathe.
Going forward in darkness.
Every breath feels heavy.
But I have to breathe. Breathe.
And another step forward. Forward.
In darkness.


Snow. White, cold, snow.
A field with colorful flowers.
But now, there is only this white, cold substance.
Cold indeed. Freezing cold.
Nothing is thriving at this moment.
Nothing is growing.
Only the cold.
No living thing in sight.
No plant. No animal. No human.
Only that white, freezing cold snow.
Only snow.

Healing — A child’s story

Chapter 1 — A light in the darkness

Somewhere on this planet, there is a very, very dark place. There, you can see nothing, but blackness, which seems to devour everything.

In this place, there is nothing, no one. No one, but one child. That child, you see, isn’t moving. It is sitting in the darkest corner of the room, its head laying between his bent knees, as it is staring into the dark void. It is neither screaming nor crying. It sits and stares, doing nothing. It has no energy left to move a single bone. Time doesn’t flow and so it never ends. more “Healing — A child’s story”