Say, my beloved,
Do I love you?
Do I truly love you?
My dear friend, tell me:
What is love?
What does that word mean?
What does it mean to love?
I love you...
I love you.
Is that love?
Is saying that to love?
What I know is,
I miss you.
I miss you like no one else.
I miss you every day.
What I know is,
I'm longing for you.
I long to hear you voice again.
I long to see your smile once more.
I long to feel your hand in mine.
What I know is,
That I trust you.
I trust you more than anyone on this planet.
What I know is,
That I know you.
I know your heart, gently beating in your chest.
What I know is,
That I feel you, no matter how far apart.
What I know is,
That you are with me every step of the way.
What I know is,
That we are connected throughout worlds and dimensions.
Throughout every single star shining in the cosmos.

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