The heart has many meanings

The heart or what some call the soul has many meanings. I’ll refer to it here as the heart as the meanings are found in the word itself.

Heart – Either the physical or spiritual heart
Hear ‘t – When we separate Hear and t and add an apostrophe it says: Hear ‘t, so Hear it.
H-ear-t – The h being like the breath or sound and ear literally being the organ we hear with. So to me the word hear means: Perceiving sound with the ear. And the t we can either remove or treat it as it, just like before, the it refering to the h, the sound.
He-art – He and arthe refering to anyone, male or female as it is more symbolic. So it would be something like His or her art. To me this makes sense as art comes from our emotions and heart.
Hea-r-t – If we scrap the r we have heat or warmth
Earth – If we move the h to the end, we get earth. Interesting how close the earth and the heart are to each other. In fact when we have earth we can add eart to it: eartheart, now we have kind of a mirroring going on; earth and the heart mirroring each other. You could say that the heart is (in) the earth and the earth is (in) the heart. We are all connected. We are earth and the earth is all of us.
And there is more: the-art-ear – Rearranging ear to the end, we get the-art-earthe art of the ear, or you could say the art of hearing/listening, being present with all your heart, coming full circle.

As you can see there is a lot of meaning when it comes to the heart and it is reflected in its own word. It’s about hearing and listening. Hearing and listening to the sounds around you. Listening to your heart. Listening to earth’s heartbeat. Being present with all of your heart.
It’s about the art of expressing yourself. The art of living and what makes you, you.
It’s about the warmth of connection.

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