My Core Values and what they could mean


I got inspired to write about core values and what they could mean. Watching an Anime called Digimon inspires me a lot. Core values are essential in that show. And I think values are vital to us as well to know where to go in life and what to do, where we want to invest our energy into. So, I want to write down important values to me and share it with all of you. But of course, these are just the ones I see as valuable and as important.

My most important values

Kindness: An expression of love, of the heart, which will reach the heart of everyone around you and which will give you warmth as well. Kindness is needed to help earth and everything on it to blossom, flourish, thrive. You, me and everyone is the center of it. Without kindness the world will die as we can see at the moment, when we are walking down the streets, when we go to the store or when we meet. Kindness will light the way back, back to who we are and always have been.

Compassion: A connection between us at all times. As we are experiencing moments, enjoyable as well as unpleasant ones, another being has lived something similar and can relate, when they are able to open up. In the hour of needs if given compassion, it allows the burdened one to feel seen, heard and understood. When that being can receive fully, it can heal, completely.

Softness: Caring for each other will soften the inner walls, we built, when we got hurt. Softness can give warmth to your inner child, who is writhing in pain and gives space for it to be soothed.

Honesty: Only with honesty a connection can be truly made. When we are holding back, we aren’t fully open, so connection cannot happen. Honesty bears the risk of being judged and left alone. But without honesty no connection can exist.

Courage: The power to do anything you want to do. In this world, full of danger, courage is needed to reach for what you strive for. It is necessary if your fears are holding you onto the ground. It is time to face these fears and then you and them, together, move towards what you want to reach, you want to do or the mission you are here to fulfill.

Faith: A deep knowing that everything you do, everything that happens will be good. Your heart knows that everything you touch will be more abundant than it was before. Your heart knows that, no matter how dark it gets, everything will be good at the end. Your heart knows that you are a part of that, as well as others are too. You are not alone. Your heart knows. It just knows.

Connection: Two hearts beating as one, feeling me, feeling you. When softness is lightening up the dark corridors inside you, when kindness is warming your cold heart anew and when compassion is reaching your thawing and wounded, beating heart, connection will be able to be established again. You are the connection holding everything together.

Rest: Replenishing your energy to create and move on later on. Only when your heart is calm, smiling and inspired, it can nourish you, so that something new can emerge.

Joy: In joy so much is possible. Your heart is dancing and full of energy, able to create so lightly. In this state, it is much easier to create and reach for what you are striving for. And everything you create or touch will shine even brighter.

Calmness: Your body is calming down, your breath getting slower, as your heart is able to breathe and find itself again amidst the eye of the storm. Your heart knows what it is to do. It is talking to you. If you listen carefully, you will be able to hear it.

Mindfulness: Can you feel your body? How does it feel? Soft? Tense? What about your emotions? Your sensations? Your environment? Only when mindful you can attune to yourself and others.

Intuition: When your heart is free and your mind is open, your truth is able to flow through you. Intuition being your truth, which is able to manifest as your desire in this world to change the lives of many.

Passion: Passion allows you to easily focus all your energy to that, you are full of passion towards. No matter what you create, your heart will be in it and everyone, who gets in touch with it will feel your soul dancing and singing.

A few ending words

These are my most important core values. But what about yours? If you feel like it, share them with us. What are your most important core values?

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