About me

I’m greeting you in my space. It’s nice that you’re here.

My name is Ken. I came into this world (with some difficulties) in 1991.

I have a physical, one sided handicap since I was born or even before that. It always reminds me to act consciously and mindfully.

I already experienced a lot in my life; especially many painful experiences: Emotional neglect, rejection, gaslighting, humiliation, and many other things.
I still feel the impact of those things everyday. The child in me still suffers from it, saying: “It hurts to live.”
The “world” in which most people live, feels so merciless and cold for the child in me, to the degree that it is nearly impossible for me to live in it the way many others do.
For a while now it is getting clear to me that I have to find or open up a new path for myself.

On the one hand I already came to earth with a very strong sensitivity, and on the other hand it was strengthened through all those painful experiences even more. This allows me to perceive many things others cannot sense anymore; emotions way deep down, how others are feeling, truths we learned to ignore, the gentle voice inside of me that calls for humanity, and even more. Many don’t perceive those things anymore, as it was driven out of them. “Work the way I tell you!” was a message we all heard one way or the other.
But, because of a still unknown reason, I never lost my sensitivity.

So I perceive a lot of things, which helps me to see the truth.
But it is also very challenging to live with it, as not everyone likes to see the truth.
A long time ago, my family made me the problem, so they don’t have to recognize their wounds.

Only recently I realized that I was never the problem, and for that I want to thank everyone who shows me that again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This website is serving as a space to gently touch humanity in all of us; to reawaken that, which is sleeping in our hearts since such a long time and which is awaiting to be able to shine, jump, dance, sing and love.
I wish for the heart in you to be able to breathe again; and then to inspire others to do the same.

That’s who I am.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do so via the menu item “Contact”, which will lead you to a contact form. With that you can write me an email.

I wish you all good on your way.

In humanity,